Dear Poets,

It’s an exciting time for all of us here at David Newberry, music, and I am delighted that you have joined us for it.

If you’re stopping by for the first time, you should know we’ve got a record coming out. It’s called No One Will Remember You. The reviews are beginning to wander indoors from the cold for this record.

For example: Exclaim! Magazine thinks that: “Newberry can be filed alongside the likes of young troubadours like Jerry Leger and Corin Raymond as evidence that Canadian roots music is in good hands.”

Alan Cross (yeah) says that Newberry has “equal parts ‘The River’ era Springsteen and Neil Young folk rock elements in his music,” and say’s we’ve made a “Soulful, really impressive sophomore album.” That’s pretty cool, right?

Megaphone Magazine observes that “Newberry’s style and sound straddle both folk and rock, and the album can feel both light and dark, somber and uplifting at the same time.”

Roots Music Canada says the record is full of “Songs. Real songs, together with a sound that’s strong enough to set him apart from more everyday singer-songwriters.”

ThoseWhoDig say: “Ripe with nostalgia, infectious melodies, and a comfortable feeling of song familiarity Dave Newberry’s new release is a must have.”

Victoria’s Martlet says: “Alive with bright pedal steel and a sort of critical Canadiana, the album is flushed with sentimentality for Newberry’s home country as well as a frustration with its many ailments… Lyrical craftsmanship of a consistent calibre is the heart of this album.”

Vancouver Weekly graciously states that: “Newberry’s cheekily-titled sophomore effort, released through Vancouver’s Northern Electric label and produced by Adam Iredale (of Fish and Bird), amplifies the momentum created by his 2010 solo debut, When We Learn The Things We Need To Learn.”

I am out on the road as often as I can be right now promoting this album. Find all the info in the shows section.

This record was made in its entirety over 10 days on Mayne Island, BC. with Adam Iredale of Fish and Bird producing, and featuring performers from Deep Dark WoodsThe GruffO’MallyDRMHLLR, and lots of others. Here is a preview video, made by Rob Alder, of our live recording.

And another video shot from the cellphone of a passerby. Stick around through all the chatting, as we’re quite proud of what happens when the song kicks in.

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